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Serving : Kansas City  Metro Since 1999

Asphalt Paving Sealcoating

ACS Facility Services offers Asphalt Paving, Asphalt Sealcoating, Parking Lot Striping,​ Concrete Repairs, Preservation and Cost Effective Maintenance.


Proper preparation is where it all begins,whether a base for a new parking lot or repairs to  existing Asphalt. Attention to the basics will determine the quality and longevity of the installation or repair. Utilizing industry standard methods and the proper equipment is what makes the difference. Cleaning and Prepping Asphalt prior to sealcoating: routing and  using heat and air to clean the debri's from the cracks, filling cracks with a Hot Fill method a rubberized fill heated to 400 degrees.  Saw Cutting damaged areas and using Hot Fill Asphalt to make  repairs. Keeping the Asphalt at proper tempatures using a Hot Box or Recycler and having the equipment necessary for the scope of  work. Compacting repairs with a Vibratory Asphalt Roller. Using Commercial Grade Sealcoating with a sand base utilizing hydraulic agitation to keep the mix  at the proper dilution and following the​ sealcoat manufacturer's recommended application rates.

Commercial Painting

ACS Facility Services  offers a complete range of Building Services from Commercial Painting, Coatings and Preparation to Stucco Repair.

Commercial Painting and Industrial Coatings. Our primary asset in this service area is our aerial equipment.We own and utilize this equipment in several service sectors at the same time. The benefit  to our customers is, we are able to recover our asset cost in a more diverse manner. We provide  more than just painting and prep work, We provide solutions for enviromental conditions, high traffic areas, weather related failure or if it is simply to sand blast rusted ornamental metal  for a change of color. A Commercial Painting

service provided by ACS is a sound dollar investment. When in need of a professional painting contractor in the Kansas City area give us a call. We will provide you with a complete propsal detailing job cost, start date,completion time line. Once job commences  a Daily Progress Report will be provided. If we can match our expertise and our equipment to your project and save you both time and money we will be more than glad to do so .


Concrete Contractor

It would be unrealistic to try and explain details of the chemical compounds used in preventing concrete damage in a single paragraph.


So we will state the causes first,


Generally two reasons, first if a concrete pour was late year, it may have froze prior to curing. Freezing will reduce  tensile strentgh of  concrete to about a 3rd of its rating.


Another cause of concrete damage is a bad pour the mix,the float, air inside the concrete leaving a porous set, water enters, freezes and pop.


A third cause that is often debated between concrete installers and Ice melt crews is the effect the chemicals in the De-Icer have on the surface of the concrete.


The remedy, apply a densifier and top sealcoat to the surface of the concrete. This will harden the concrete as well as seal  any voids in the concrete keeping water out.

HighLighting : Parking Lot sealcoating

Proper maintenance of Asphalt Paving is a sound investment when services are performed at Commercial Industry Standards. Proper methods of maintenance will prolong the life of Asphalt Parking Lots an outline of service follows: Asphalt Sealcoating: 1. There are usually two types of companies offering asphalt sealcoating services, a commercially equiped and an ill equiped company. What seperates the two in a sealcoat application is the equipment and the products that a commercial unit is capable of applying.


It is this specific commercial equipment and commercial grade products that make up the difference between professional and layman.  Sealing products may be formulated with several additives, however the base of a commercial product is sand, thats right sand...... sounds simple until you try to mix and apply it.


The small residential spray units usually dont have hydraulic agitation and its really nothing you can stir with a stick.


Driveway Sealcoating :

Should I apply sealcoating to my driveway ?.... Honestly that depends on several things, one of them being the condition of your driveway. Another consideration is your expectation of what driveway sealcoating will do. First lets consider the condition of your driveway are there cracks,large or small. Small cracks are generally caused by weight related stress and age of the asphalt. Larger cracks may be caused by the base of your driveway settling or possibly tree roots. There are several methods for sealing driveway cracks we use Hot Melt Crack Filler and or cut and patch when practical. Now on to your expectations,... well driveway sealcoating will not restore the asphalt. Driveway sealcoating is a preventitive application it can prolong the life of your driveway and it will have a nice clean crisp look, but the purpose is to protect your driveway from enviromental conditions ..the sun,rain and those leaking automobiles.


Now for the specials,discounted pricing, the specials are usually not so special and the discount relates more to the products then to the actual value pricing. We use the same methods and materials for driveway sealcoating as we do for commercial parking lot sealcoating.

Often times the specials are a little watered down and the preparation... well, cleaning and prepping oil and gas stains,correcting the cracks

and a 2 coat application is seldom seen with a special price.   


Our pricing is based on the size and condition of your driveway. Actual materials to be used will be determined upon inspection of driveway.            The minimum charge for our Driveway Sealcoating Service is is $300.00

If you like, follow the link to a youtube video, with Todays Homeowner for the do it yourselfer :

Serving the Kansas and Missouri Markets since 1999. Our local Kansas City area office supports: the Kansas CIty Metro as well as Lawrence and Topeka KS . Our Clinton Missouri area office supports: Warrensburg ,Sedalia, Springfield and Branson operations. Our key personnel are available in our service areas from  Warsaw  to  Sedalia or Clinton  to  Warrensburg  generally within 30-45 minutes. Springfield to Branson, about  the same time line . Whether it  is maintenance  or  bid work our services are  within reach.  Availability of services in indivdual areas may fluctuate due to project committments, in addition, there may also be discount rates for multi-site operations within our  service areas.

Simple  Proven  Efficient

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