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Asphalt Parking Lot Driveway SealCoating contractor Kansas City Metro, Springfield/Branson,  St Louis Metro

Asphalt Parking Lot Driveway SealCoating Methods and Myths

 Asphalt sealcoating

Methods and Myths


Application Method for Sealcoating Asphalt Parking Lot and Driveway

There has always been and always will be an ongoing debate as to whether spray on or squeegee is the best method of application.Depending upon who you are talking with and how much they have invested in their equipment will generally set the tone for their recommendation.

​Bucket and Squeegee  System is $46.95   Pump Flow Agitation Tank Sprayer is $900.00

Hand Mechanical Agitation Tank Sprayer is $3950.00 Power Mechanical Agitation  Sprayer is $7899.00.

*Of course you could spend more or less on any of these systems, We prefer the power hydraulic agitation sprayers.

Whats the real difference ? (Sand) about the only realistic way to mix sand is to  have a power agitating system or a  very  athletic  helper turning  the  crank on the mechanical  system.  Some will say the pump agitation works just as well, maybe, but sand is heavy and sealer does have viscosity.

Why is sand beneficial ? well it adds a degree of traction for foot traffic (not as slick when wet) and has a tendency to thicken the seal​ coating. Whether Squeegee or Pump the important part is the mixing.


​Product for Sealcoating

Think along the terms  of motor oil.  This one  has additives  for increased  mileage, the  other cleans the motor, the  best  one will  even wash  the car while  its  running  down the road. All  said and done its oil,

it does what oil does. Now are there additives that make sense, of course there are but the point here is, The quality of work is more about preparation and dilution of product than manufacturer additive claims. Taking into consideration you are comparing Contractor Grade Products.

Preparation makes the difference,

Treating of oiled areas, proper crack filling,environmental conditions, temperature etc. and whether or not the contractor is watering down the product more than the manufacturer recommends.


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