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  Commercial  Painting, Industrial Coatings: Kansas City,  Springfield Branson, St Louis Metro   

 Commercial Painting.


Commercial painting?   one day we found ourselves  in  one of  our buckets  and noticed painters were moving  ladders,  and  taking all day to paint a  small bank.

We got back  to the shop, had a meeting asked if any of our guys had ever done any  painting.


Our sign  supervisor at the time had started his career  in  auto  body,  spraying Trans  AM's and Camaro's.


A field technician  had  worked  for his family's painting company for 8 years. Not long after that we met  Commercial  Federal  Bank  CFB that was 2001.

Our estimate...

Will  be  inclusive  of  the following  regardless   whether the job  specificies Elastromeric,  two - part epoxies, Fluropolymer for metal or Acrylic Latex.

We will take measurements  and our rate computations will be provided in a detailed estimate.

We   will  review  our  itemized  square  footage calculations   with   you.  We   will  provide  you with all MSDS  sheets relevant to the project.

The complete SOW form will detail color choice, surface preparation methods and cost. We  will  also  provide a  proposed  schedule of work, and  a daily completion forecast.

Simple  Proven  Efficient

We realize  there is more to painting  than  simple story telling. If you  have a  project that  you are considering call or fill in the form on our contact page and we will provide you with a detailed quote, Lets Connect.

       Kansas City Metro  :  913-432-3419              Springfield / Branson  : 417-221-5654            St Louis Metro :  636-224-6421

                                                                                    National Account Line :  877-795-7220

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