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Concrete Damage Prevention

It would be unrealistic to try and explain details of the chemical compounds used in preventing concrete damage in a single paragraph.


So we will state the causes first,


Generally two reasons, first if a concrete pour was late year, it may have froze prior to curing. Freezing will reduce  tensile strentgh of  concrete to about a 3rd of its rating.


Another cause of concrete damage is a bad pour the mix,the float, air inside the concrete leaving a porous set, water enters, freezes and pop.


A third cause that is often debated between concrete installers and Ice melt crews is the effect the chemicals in the De-Icer have on the surface of the concrete.


The remedy, apply a densifier and top sealcoat to the surface of the concrete. This will harden the concrete as well as seal  any voids in the concrete keeping water out.

Concrete Damage Repair

Concrete damage like any other form of erosion will continue to de-grade if left unrepaired.


The options, take out or repair,


In the event that there is structural damage, exposed rebar or a weight bearing issue then replacement is really the only option.



The cost is relevant to the scope of work, the amount of demolition required and the conditon of the base materials.



Today there are several options for repairing damaged concrete. The success of concrete repair is dependant upon proper preparation

and the product selected.


The products we use  generally have a 3 step process. They have similiar characteristics to the compounds used for DOT specifications on bridge and highway repair projects.

Concrete repair

Concrete replacement

Simple  Proven  Efficient

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