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Landscape Management

 ACS Landscape Services


​To define grounds keeping,

in elaborate terms seems a waste of words. Mowing, trimming, edging, weeding and cleanup are what they are, rather simple tasks. At ACS Landscape we focus on what  makes a difference.


Our maintenance teams know the value of detailed service. They understand that they have been selected by you, the client, and are responsible for the curb appeal of your property. Each property is inspected   by our lead supervisor. Who follows up with each site daily, rating the teams performance and attending to any detail they may find. If need be, they will call the  crew back onto site the same day. We call this personal accountability.


Over the years, 20 or more, we have at different times serviced more than 400 acres per month. We have learned a lot. Never commit to more than you can do with 70% of your resources.

Equipment will fail, it will rain, the weeds will come and not every team member is an all star. Landscape Design now that is an art.


 ​  Simple  Proven  Efficient

Keeping it simple, just request a site visit. We will measure, calculate, test the soil and propose a maintenance program.

Contact Information:

​Office:  913-432-3419 


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