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As you well know, asphalt can be an expensive project. From initial lay down to resurfacing, the cost is  substantial.
There are many reasons why proper maintenance only makes sense. #1 It saves you money

There are several factors that contribute to the wear  and  tear on asphalt, traffic  volume  and

weight of the  traffic . You  have seen the signs

​              ......"No heavy trucks"......

Gas and  oil  film residue,  from  the cars using

it daily  and  Ice  melt  methods  in  the  winter  will  break  down  the  ability of  the asphalt  to hold  its  bonding   agent  and  weaken surface strength  over  time.  The  next  time  your at a resturant look where the cars park and you can see the settling of the asphalt.


One of  the most  neglected  area's of  asphalt  maintenance  repair  is the  crack  fill  process.  If  cracks  are left  unrepaired, water  will enter under the  asphalt  and  erode the  base.  Rain or melt off, freezing  in  the  winter  will cause water expansion in these cracks and you now  have a pot hole, which is more costly to repair. 

The  crack  repair solution is  a simple process: grind  or rout out  the crack  remove the debris with compressed  air, heat the area and  apply  a water tight seal with a rubberized crack sealant.

Also,  to consider  is the  appearance  of  a well maintained  parking  area.  Yes  curb  appeal in today's  often  empty  parking  lots  is  more important than ever , because it offers 

customers a positive first impression of your tenants.


Asphalt Paving  Repair.

​​Most repairs consist of cutting  and removing the damaged areas,repairing the base if required and adding fill then laying hot asphalt over the repair area and compacting.  Acceptable compaction in  small  areas requires  a vibratory hand operated machine. Larger  areas we use a  2-4 ton  roller.

Asphalt Paving, Asphalt Seal Coating, Kansas City Metro, Springfield Branson, St Louis
Asphalt damage in parking lot

Asphalt repair,

Saw cutting asphalt damage for removal
adding to base and compacting

       Kansas City Metro :  913-432-3419                            Springfield/Branson   :  417-221-5654              St Louis  : 636-224-6421

       Email:                                         National Account Line :  877-795-7220

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