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*Guaranteed Savings

Guaranteed Savings..... How do we guarantee a savings,  we offer a savings  to qualified  mutli-site accounts. Our services cover a wide spectrum. Think about it we offer,electrical lighting / sign services, asphalt / concrete repair and maintenance, commercial painting / industrial coatings and building services.


How do you qualify for a guaranteed savings ?, well if you manage a minimum of 5 sites in the Kansas City Metro and utilize  our service offerings we can save you money it's that simple. Another way to qualify is you manage a high volume or large site, an example;  Auto Dealer, Hospital or Large Employer Facility.


How do we offer a savings ? for Regional Accounts,  we can set up an intergrated cloud based management system that tracks in detail all scheduled work orders and time related tasks increasing efficiency in both internal and external work authorization requests. Product procurement procedures are based upon a cost plus basis factoring in the anticipated product volume and assigning a cost plus percentage.Upon work order authorization we submit the  request to our self performing maintenance teams.... oh wait a minute thats a National Facility Maintenance Protocol.


Local Accounts, we keep it simple.


                                                                                         SIMPLE  PROVEN  EFFICIENT


Simple; the more work we do for you the better the price we can give you. Proven; qualified selfperforming technicians that know the site and are technically competent to perform the task. Efficient;  we  don't send a Master Electrician to change a lamp and ballast or a Master Plumber to turn off a valve or a Master Mechanic to change  or clean an HVAC filter unless of course you are in a  city metro that requires the additional license certifications.


We don't pave Walmart parking lots or compete for concrete bridge work, we dont have to idle a $80,000.00 paver to patch and sealcoat parking lots. We dont have to charge you Master Electrical Rates for simple maintenance, of course if you request we can send out a Master Electrican and I guess if your willing to pay premium  rates,  we could get one of those  pavers and let it idle.


My point is, it's a simple maintenance solution we know our productive limits and we stay with in them.


How much is the savings ? depends on  volume, take our 5 basic service offerings, if we can save %7 on each service you just saved %35. Want more details on the guaranteed savings give us a call, we will survey the sites and detail a cost effective service solution for you.



Hopefully we have given you an honest insight to our service offering and we understand that today with all the marketing and promises much of what is read and said has little lasting effect.


This is a genuine offer of savings. We hope you will initiate a call for more information and take advantage of the value we offer. 


If we miss you this time around, maybe we  will meet you on the next one.


Thank you, and hoping you  keep the bottom line...... in the black.

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