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Our mission is to bring  National  Level  Pricing to Small Business Owners, Auto Dealerships, Fast Food Franchisees,

Hotel Operators, Regional Bankers and anyone else that we can help increase their bottom line.

Our advantages, with over 20 years in the industry, we are able to purchase our supplies in large ​volume, often times

on a cost plus basis. Production rates and efficiency of service are key advantages that allow us to keep your costs low.

Our promise is to provide the most cost effective maintenance program for your location by matching our programs

specifically to your facility. ​​

Our program,   we will provide a site survey where we will detail our services and provide technical information such

as energy analysis, technical comparisons, alternative systems, payback and ROI calculations.

Our philosophy is Keep it simple, use proven methods, keep it efficient, and to  work with numbers more than words.


Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you found simplicity in our introduction and enough information for you

to inquire about our services for your facility and the savings we can offer.

About US:

Simple  Proven  Efficient

​                                                                                              Kansas City Metro 913-432-3419

                                                                                         National Account Line :  877-795-7220

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